Google Glass Faces Further Heat from Privacy Authorities

An official letter has been sent by ten privacy authorities from six countries to Google CEO Larry Page, posing eight key questions with the stated aim of encouraging the online giant to "engage in a real dialogue with data protection authorities about Glass."

Signatories include the Privacy Commissioners of Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Mexico, New Zealand and Israel. Their letter seeks to address "concerns about the obvious, and perhaps less obvious, privacy implications of a device that can be worn by an individual and used to film and record audio of other people".

Key points include: "What information [collected by Glass] is shared with third parties, including application developers?", "How does Google intend to use this information?" and "[How will Google] address the specific issues around facial recognition in the future?".

Although Google banned facial recognition software on Glass earlier this month analysts remain worried, given the fact that it is highly probable that the device could be unlawfully fitted with facial recognition technology by clever, determined individuals just as smartphones can be hacked to free them from manufacturer restrictions.

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