Global Survey Finds Marketers Need to Adapt to Expanded Customer Experience

According to a survey of 228 global marketing heads by Deloitte and Salesforce, the responsibility for digital channels such as social media, email and mobile messaging are increasingly falling under the marketing remit, so there is a strong need for CMOs to make the case for assuming full control of the entire customer experience.

The study found that while 38% of CMOs reported the rise of customer service under their umbrella, 23% feel underprepared to deal with the expanded role. This suggests a disconnect, since the research indicated that the growth of digital marketing means that CMOs are now expected to follow through with customer service and respond to issues or complaints, rather than purely tackling brand awareness and messaging as was the case traditionally.

In conclusion, the survey report stated: "Fast, personable customer service is a key element of the digital customer experience and it's progressively merging into marketers' online strategies. Real-time social media responses, how-to YouTube videos and Vines, and helpful content marketing all usher in an era where service is the new sales."

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