Facebook Announces Progress in Stamping Out Fake Like Scammers

Following a loss of brand trust when the public were made aware of dodgy Facebook scammers that sell Like followers to page administrators, the social network has taken steps to rectify the situation and claims to be winning the battle.

Last October Facebook launched a campaign against fraudulent activity on their site, and since then they claim to have tripled the amount of fake Likes that have been detected and blocked since that time. They credit advances made in pattern recognition technologies to clamp down on scammers.

In a statement at the time, Facebook said: "Our algorithm takes page engagement rates into account when deciding when and where to deliver a page's legitimate ads and content, so pages with an artificially inflated number of likes are actually making it harder on themselves to reach the people they care about most."

Facebook has also been working with businesses since March which have received fake Likes on their pages (200,000 pages in total) - their aim is to provide education on how to legitimately generate followers who will therefore be more likely to engage with the brand.

Huseyin Kerem Cevahir, a Facebook Software Engineer, commented: "New advances in our pattern recognition technologies helped us halt many of the major exchanges that promote fake Like activity on Facebook originating from click farms, fake accounts and malware.

"When we see suspicious patterns of likes coming from or to a specific account, we thoroughly investigate the situation in order to determine whether there is fraudulent activity taking place. This work has made it extremely difficult for the people selling fraudulent likes to actually deliver their promised Likes to paying customers."

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