EE Aims to Grow Market Share with £1 per Week Pay As You Go Mobile Packages

Mobile network EE is hoping to cause a stir by launching the UK's cheapest ever pay-as-you-go plan. Costing only £1 per week, their new offering aims to grow market share by attracting low-budget phone users.

In addition to the price driver, the mobile plan comes with 4G and extra add-ons. It will be retailed through packages of 25 minutes plus 50 texts or 100MB of data plus ten minutes and ten texts


EE has also capped over-allowance usage to prevent people from going over the threshold and incurring exorbitant hidden charges.

The move follows findings that 70% of UK mobile pay-as-you-go customers spend less than £10 per month. The new £1 price plan is aimed at this market - consumers who use their mobile only occasionally and who therefore have no interest in purchasing premium, long-term contracts.

A Carphone Warehouse spokesperson urged caution however: "The new EE packages allow customers to tailor their mobile phone tariff, potentially making them more affordable. However, it is important that customers think beyond just the cheapest price and always consider whether a deal truly offers them good value."

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