Domino's Creates Content Hub to Boost SEO and Customer Engagement

The trend of brands pushing content marketing in order to drive search rankings (complaint with the new SEO landscape that Google ushered in this year) has claimed another supporter - Domino's has launched an online hub to boost its organic search results ahead of competitors.

Domino's has created a consumer blog to house all of its branded content, including posts, widgets, downloads, competitions, the latest online deals, infographics, videos and pictures. Developed by Arena, the hub also allows users to post comments and share their own content via live Instagram and Twitter feeds.

Hosted on a subdomain so it does not interfere with the ecommerce site, the new platform aims to increase the number of search terms will be found under and thereby increase the number of people engaging with the brand through organic search.

While most of their recent marketing activity has centred on expanding their sales channels, Domino's is keen to leverage the latest best-practice SEO tactics as well as better understand shoppers through content engagement.

Head of Digital at Domino's, Nick Dutch, commented: "We've seen a lot of success with online content projects in the past - and they work hand-in-hand with online ordering. Hosting all content on one destination was a natural next step. We know the value in bringing fresh and interesting content to our audience and the blog will be easy and quick to update, and will allow for all-important customer feedback."

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