Consumer Backlash Sees Flora In Need of Marketing Rescue

Following the negative feedback by shoppers over the change in Flora margarine's taste formula which was introduced 18-months ago, owner of the brand Unilever is gearing to rectify the damage with a major new marketing campaign.

Flora and Flora Light will undergo a U-turn of their new formulation, which was advocated as being healthier along with having an improved taste. Upcoming marketing will now centre on promoting Flora's return "Back to the taste you love" by reverting to the tried-and-tested formula.

In a trade ad aimed at retailers and grocers, the brand message is: "We've listened - Flora is bringing back the taste we know your shoppers love."

This activity forms part of a £30m total investment in the brand, which includes the £10m marketing campaign that ushered in the ingredient changes along with a revamped manufacturing process. The brand will now revert to the original Flora taste later this year.

Consumer marketing activity to support this U-turn is to include sampling, coupons, print ads and a money back guarantee if customers remain dissatisfied with the margarine taste.

Unilever admitted in its first quarter financial update that marketing for its spreads and oils division needs to improve. The retail giant has recently reappointed Adam & Eve/DDB to handle their £11m UK account.

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