Chairman of WPP Comments on Lack of Industry Appreciation for Creativity

Despite their ongoing success, the Chairman of global advertising and marketing agency WPP has expressed "a touch of exasperation" about the industry.

Phil Lader commented: "At least in the context of marketing communications, I believe that much of the business world, much of the financial world and even much of the media world, has still not fully grasped the nature of this word 'creativity'. I believe there are still businesses that see creativity as little more than a cosmetic - a final touch of lipstick to make a product look more appealing.

"Secondly, and this is where my exasperation shows itself - to misrepresent commercial creativity as just a bit of fancy window-dressing is hugely to underrate the talents of those who create it. To make entrancing things within the unforgiving discipline of a marketing brief is a very, very difficult thing to do, and all the more so, since it's often made to look so easy."

WPP has now reported a 1.2% revenue increase for the first five months of the year, taking the total to £4.425bn.

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