Britons Give UK's Big Six Energy Brands the Thumbs Down

According to the latest annual survey by consumer watchdog Which?, customer satisfaction with energy companies plummeted to a new low in 2013, while the UK's major energy suppliers have failed to improve the situation with their marketing efforts.

Overall customer satisfaction scores fell from 49% to 41% last year, representing one of the lowest figures ever and highlighting the "failings of a broken energy market".

The country's Big Six energy suppliers (who constitute over 90% of the industry), saw themselves placed at the bottom of the customer satisfaction listing. The lowest score for the third year running was earned by Npower at 31%, followed by British Gas at 39%. Meanwhile, both SSE and Scottish Power were rated at 41%, while EDF scored 44% and E.ON was ranked at 45%.

In contrast, smaller energy companies fared far better in general - the highest satisfaction scores were achieved by Good Energy and Ecotricity at 82%.

Regulator Ofgem is to introduce a number of changes to the industry this year to ease consumer frustration, including forcing suppliers to only offer four tariffs to customers for both gas and electricity as well as simplify how prices are charged, while the Traffic Comparison Rate will make it easier for customers to compare prices.

Furthermore, the UK's biggest energy brands are planning to boost their marketing activities in the coming months, with the aim of improving their services and boosting customer satisfaction levels.

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