Britons are World's Biggest Online Shoppers but Also Insist on Bargains

The latest figures from the British Retail Consortium have revealed that Britons are the biggest online spenders in the world - almost £1 in every £5 is spent using computers, tablets and smartphones, while a total 18.3% of all consumer retail spending (not including food) is made via the Internet.

This current figure is the highest on record, and is further believed to be significantly higher than the rest of Europe and even the US. A separate EU study discovered that 82% of Britons regularly shop online, representing the highest rate of all 28 member states.

The UK is also far in the lead when it comes to shopping online for food and groceries - around 21% of British do so, compared to less than 10% in Europe and the rest of the world.

In addition, another study indicates that Britons will spend £20.4billion on the web in the nine weeks before Christmas, with £10billion spent in December alone.

Despite the popularity of online shopping, Head of Retail at KPMG, David McCorquodale, has predicted that the continuing squeeze on cost of living means that all retailers will have to struggle to win sales ahead of Christmas.

McCorquodale commented: "Shoppers seem reluctant to buy their gifts early and at full price and many may be delaying their purchases in the hope that retailers will discount festive goods as the big day nears."

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