British Heart Foundation Changes Marketing Strategy to Become More Audience Led

As part of their new three-year strategy, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) is now targeting YouTube with the aim of encouraging people to become more emotionally connected with their cause.

The strategic overhaul began four months ago with the appointment of Carolan Davidge as BHF's Director of Marketing and Engagement - her title represents the first time that 'engagement' has been recognised as a vital part of the charity's agenda and demonstrates a major shift in approach.

Davidge, a former Brand Director at Cancer Research, is driving the concept that BHF's traditional tactic of raising awareness of heart diseases through above-the-line (ATL) campaigns is just as important as using digital channels to engender conversation.

She commented: "What is increasingly wanted from our stakeholders is a sense of dialogue. I guess that's the importance of the word engagement. It's saying that dialogue is as valued as traditional broadcast. We need to be responsive and not just driven by the messages we want to communicate."

"We are a complex organisation... So we have multiple sets of stakeholders and want to find new ways of being able to listen to what they want and for us to adapt accordingly. It's about becoming audience led and not about what we as an organisation want to do but what our audiences want from us."

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