Brands Need More Strategic Staying Power Says Axa Marketing Chief

Group Marketing and Communications Director at AXA UK and one of the judges at this year's The Drum Marketing Awards, Cheryl Toner, has today provided insight into the common tendency these days of brands changing their direction too quickly rather than sticking with a strategy so that it delivers long terms results.

"Social media has made it too tempting for marketers to change direction as soon as something doesn't work, what's harder is having the conviction to stay en route" she commented.

Toner also disagreed with the prevalent perception that too many brands are "playing it safe" when it comes to marketing, arguing that there are "a number of brands working really hard to ensure their positioning is clear", particularly in the financial sector.

"There's a regulatory side to financial services which means we have rules we have to follow but it's a world that affects people's lives and wellbeing so you have to accept it's a serious subject. You can't be frivolous with the little decisions customers are making because they're incredibly important... we have to accept there's a line we cannot cross in a way an FMCG brand probably could."

She added: "There's more space than ever before to be disruptive and social media is just a part of it. There are so many channels opening up to marketers and media partners are now more willing than ever to work with brands in new and different ways."

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