Brands Gear to Take On Board Exciting New Purchasing Technology

Large brands are gearing up to base new marketing and mobile commerce campaigns on start-up technology by Powatag, which allows people to buy products directly from ads on radio, TV, outdoor and print channels.

An omnichannel technology provider that aims to change how ads are delivered and how customers engage with them, Powatag has developed a smartphone app that can scan different types of code triggers to enable direct purchasing - including a QR code; a digital watermark embedded in music, radio or TV content; an NFC device in stores; a signal from a Beacon or image recognition.

The first brand to launch a marketing campaign centred on Powatag's technology is French fashion chain Comptoir des Cotonniers, followed by Laura Ashley which has decided to integrate Powatag codes into its website to allow customers to make purchases by scanning product pages, as well as use the tech within its catalogue so that consumers can buy direct-from-page.

Schuh will launch their marketing campaigns in July and Universal Music will go ahead in August, while Argos, Screwfix and Waitrose plan to follow suit later this year as they are currently still hashing out ways to integrate the new technology into their catalogues and stores.

Many more organisations will soon be jumping on the bandwagon too, including a number of charities plus brands such as Adidas, BBC Worldwide, Carrefour and Electrolux.

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