BBC Technology Undergoes Rebrand to Compete with Rival Streaming Services

With the aim of supporting a more targeted focus on content user experience, 'BBC Technology' has undergone a rebrand to 'BBC Engineering'.

Their Chief Technology Officer, Matthew Postgate, has described the move as an indication of their commitment to delivering more Internet based content as well as a solution to certain broadcasting problems. He also explained that the new structure is better aligned to the BBC's various product areas, such as iPlayer, news, and sport.

Additionally, it is hoped that the rebrand will help the BBC maintain a firm hold on the market amongst escalating pressure from streaming service rivals such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video, both of which are also upping their game in delivering original content.

Postgate commented: "By partnering with editorial teams, we will create the systems, software and set-up to make sure engineering can support the specific needs of BBC TV, Radio, News, Sport and Children's, and drive innovation where we see potential."

"We are also taking a much bigger focus on user experience and design for all the tools and software in our studios - a lesson from the consumer world that makes complete sense behind the scenes too. Ultimately, this will enable us to better work with our programme makers and make it easier for them to get the most out of new technology."

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