Andrex Changes Marketing Message from Product Focus to Benefits Driven

Andrex is gearing to shift its' marketing message with a multi-million pound campaign that will utilise both TV and social media channels.

Instead of highlighting the attributes of their actual product as they've previously done, Andrex will now be focussing on cleanliness as being fundamental to physical and emotional well-being, positioning the brand as an integral part of people’s 'intimate care routine'.

Andrex will be highlighting a new brand promise called "elevating the standard of clean" - this is based on research which indicates that while most people believe in the importance of being clean, many find it difficult to talk about.

This benefit-led strategy is the first of its kind in an industry where product attributes such as "soft, strong and long" have traditionally been used. In partnership with Mumsnet, the campaign will feature children talking about their toilet habits with "courage and honesty", to show the contrast between how easy kids find it to talk about the subject of being clean and the awkwardness that adults feel to speak about it.

With a new strapline that reads "How Andrex do you feel?", the campaign activity will start this month on social media, with TV ads continuing the use of the Andrex puppy going live from 7 July.

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