Amazon Sees Decline in Branding Scores

Having previously enjoyed a long-standing reputation as one of the world's star brands, new data indicates that bad press regarding tax avoidance and treating its sellers unfairly is now taking a toll.

YouGov's latest BrandIndex has shown that Amazon's current Buzz score (the net balance of positive and negative things that consumers have heard about the brand) now sits at 8.6, representing a drop of 24.2 points from the 32.8 registered in October of last year (just before their tax avoidance scandal hit).

In addition, Amazon's overall Index score (how people rate the brand overall on impression, quality, reputation, value, satisfaction and whether they would recommend it) has dropped to 39.7 compared to 55 points seven months ago.

Nevertheless, despite these declines in brand scores the overall public perception of the online retail giant still stands at relatively positive levels, particularly when compared to the scores of High Street competitors such as Argos and WH Smiths over the same period of time.

Amazon continues to perform well with a 22% year-on-year rise in sales for the quarter, which indicates that customers are still keen on its services and that the brand's rating decline will probably be a temporary situation.

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