Amazon Moves to Boost their Prime Offering with External Retailer Partnerships

Amazon is endeavouring to increase take-up of its Prime membership by signing up retail partnerships which will expand the shopping parameters to external sites.

Costing &79 per year (following a free month-long trial), Amazon Prime currently gives consumers two-day shipping on selected goods, plus unlimited cloud storage and access to digital movies, TV and books.

With their latest move, shoppers can now avail themselves of the Prime two-day delivery promise for a vast range of goods both on and off the Amazon platform.

Thus far, Amazon has signed a deal with British clothing outlet Allsaints, representing their first partnership venture. They are currently looking for further partnerships to boost the Prime offering.

Brands signing up will be granted a store front on the Amazon website. They will pay a fee for every consumer redirected to their own site through Amazon's portal, but will not have to pay Amazon a percentage of any final sales.

As stated by Rich Ascott, Global Digital Chief of AllSaints, it is hoped that "Amazon Prime could be the VIP pass to the Internet."

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