Search engine optimisation is a global market, so be sure to read all of the contents of this page if you have a product or service that people from all around the world can buy from you, as multi-lingual SEO will help bring together your global audience.

Native language search queries

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo are the market leaders across the globe for web searches. However, not everyone searches in English, which means that you may be missing out on the target market of people who want to buy from your website but search for the product or service in a different language.

Did you realise that by having just a few pages of content on your website written in French, German and/or Italian, your website will appear to a whole new searching audience? Your site will be ranked in these local search indexes allowing even more people to discover your site and products.

What does the Multi-language SEO package consist of?

Because of the intrinsic difficulties and complexities of translating various levels of content from your site and how this content would then sit with the rest of your site or even within your CMS we have put together a simple, convenient, effective package for the different, major European languages.

The lingual SEO packages we offer consist of 3 pages with approx. 250 words of content on each, designed to provide an introduction to your brand, market, and primary products.

The content writing is of the highest standard and we’ll even provide theses pages pre-built to be added to your website, including all on-page SEO including aspects such as optimised Meta data, <h1> tags, and optimised interlinking between the pages to achieve the best placements in the languages that we focus on, and using the search phrases that are relevant and prevalent within those locations (which is not always the same terms as we may think!).

How much does the service cost?

Each optimised language pack costs £299.99 (+ VAT), which includes the professionally written content in a specific language, as well as the optimisation work to achieve the best results which represents excellent value as a long term investment as this is a one-off cost and search engines are the most popular methods of finding companies and products in every country and language, not just English and the UK.

What languages are available?

Currently we are offering the language packs in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, so just think that’s five unique nations, with unique ways of searching, using different search terms, that will now see your products when they previously wouldn’t have. This is a unique opportunity to increase the relevant traffic to your website through market leading translation, copy writing, and optimisation services all offered in a value for money service.

Contact us today with your multi-lingual search engine optimisation requirements.