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In the past few years new technologies have captured the imagination of internet users and provided a far more interactive online experience - with "Blogging" and RSS technology being at the forefront of this.

What exactly are these innovations?

A blog (Weblog) is an online tool that gives people the ability to write about whatever they want to, and share this with with others who may have similar interests. There are now millions of people with blogs, making it a very extensive - and influential - community.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that allows easy distribution of content from one website to another. All you need at the receiving end is a news reader solution, and you can publish content such as latest news, share prices etc. from your favourite website or resource, such as the BBC or CNN. The real benefit for optimisation purposes is that search engine spiders index the content when it appears on all the different sites, and so there is massive potential benefit for link building, as each RSS feed will link back to the original site that is hosting the feed.

At CommerceTuned, we've pioneered the optimisation of search innovations like blogs and RSS feeds to help increase search engine ranking placements and relevant traffic.

Benefits of the services that we offer:

  • Blogs allow interaction with website users on a very granular level, and provide a 'humanising' of the website experience. People associate a face, a name, or an emotion with your company through blogs, which increases brand loyalty as well as recognition
  • We will identify the best angle for your blog or series of blogs, and give you all the advice and recommendations you need to make this a revenue-generating success
  • We can build, populate, and optimise your website blog on an on-going basis as required
  • Blogs are excellent for search engine optimisation purposes, as the code is very clean and they are content-intensive. Blogs have a history of achieving high search engine rankings due to both the technical structure of the build, and the fact that bloggers frequently link to other blogs, so the link building aspect will provide a boost in search engine rankings to all the content on your domain
  • Blogs are nothing without good promotion, and as part of our search innovations optimisation, we will submit your blog to influential and established blog directory sites such as Technorati, to make the Blogging community aware of its existence
  • We can create, populate, and optimise RSS feeds to maximise the benefits this technology can have on your brand and traffic to your website
  • RSS represents a shrewd investment, as industry statistics have revealed click-through percentages of 11% on links contained with an RSS feed, which compares more than favourably with other forms of marketing (such as email marketing where the click-through rate is usually well below 1%). The perception is that RSS is more of an 'opt-in' approach, which encourages further interest.

The emphasis on all our solutions is to increase search engine presence and drive targeted, relevant traffic to our clients websites. We do not advocate integrating innovations just for the sake of them, so you can be sure that all our work is geared towards making your business even more successful. Why not contact us to see how we can help you?

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